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When can you play billiards really well: When you pocket a ball, some say, others when you win a lot of games! You can play well when you pocket a ball and place the cue ball so that you can pocket the next ball easily. Analogous to carom play, if possible lay down the cue ball in such a way that the next crambolage is easy.
This is exactly what our books are about. They show how to hold the cue, which is the stick with which you push the balls, correctly, set up optimally to push the balls, move and hit the balls.  But there is much more to it, only posture and stance do not make a good billiard athlete. It's about controlling the cue ball (usually the cue ball), getting it into position to pocket the next ball, and getting the ball into the right position.
The goal of our reference books is the correct learning and training of the billiard game, no matter whether pool, snooker or carom. Besides "how to hold a cue" and how to stand is about getting a straight reproducible shot and the next position. Reading the game, developing a game plan, training positions all that is what our authors show for pool, three-cushion (carom) and snooker.

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