Eckert, Ralph G.

The Sport of Pool Billiards Vol. 1

The Sport of Pool Billiards Vol. 1
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The Sport of Pool Billiards Vol. 1
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Hersteller: Eckert, Ralph G.
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Together with his partners Andreas Huber, Jorgen Sandman and Dirk Schwiewager the author developed the PAT System (Playing Ability Test), a standardized evaluation and training system for pool billiards that has been recognized by the WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association) and the European association EPBF. The player‘s level is checked at regular intervals in a series of tests, for which points and emblems are awarded. This book is written for beginners through to slightly advanced players who want to make their game of pool more professional using the PAT systems and generally have more fun playing (PAT 1). The training units in the book are accompanied by comments from the German national trainer Andreas Huber, a graduate of engineering born in 1969. Andreas is an expert pool billiards player who also helped to develop the PAT System as well as setting up the Dachau Billiards Academy. His tips on how to play in practice draw on a wealth of expertise and experience collected over years as a player and coaches.

Format: 11,5cm x 18cm | 4,5''x 7''

Pages: 176

Language: English

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