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The Basics of Pool Billiards

The Basics of Pool Billiards
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The Basics of Pool Billiards
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Based on the knowledge of Jerry Briesath, the founder of The Pool School. Begin playing the sport of pool billiards using the teaching methods of the POOL SCHOOL

In March 1992, David Alfieri (a German National Champion) and Uwe Sander (a European Wide Champion) visited the Pool School USA acadamy, in order to qualify and achieve their BCA trainer license. During a 14 day Seminar/Training (the first of three blocks) Jerry Briesath conveyed practically all important information about Pool Billiards. During the same year in September 1992, Jerry Briesath visited the Pool School Germany and helped them tremendously with the grand opening. Here, Jerry Briesath gave David and Uwe an additional refresher course, whereby the opportunity presented itself to video tape his teaching methods. These video tapes serve the Pool School Germany as intensive study material and teaching guidelines to which has been extremely effective. In June 93 both David and Uwe completed the 3rd level of the BCA instructor course (advanced level). At this point in time upon completion of this course, both David and Uwe were the only official BCA instructors in Germany; in Europe there was a BCA (officially certified) instructor in Switzerland and in Sweden.e. Click here.

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