PAT Snooker Vol. 1 A Systematic Approach to Practice

Pat Snooker offers a number of modular exercises that help players develop their individual snooker skills and monitor their progress continuously. Players now have the opportunity to diagnose their own performance.
The difficulty of the exercises is increased gradually, creating a linear structure for individual practice. Practice exercises, performance monitoring and results control are solid foundations for improvement and enjoyable practice. Performance can be monitored either by taking the relevant tests for each individual level (symbolized by the colours of the snooker balls) or by comparing results with other players on the internet platform.
PAT Snooker (PAT = Playing Ability Test) is a system to test your snooker skills that lets you compare your own performance against that of other players all over the world. You can assess your own performance and skills.
This volume explains the white, red, yellow and green levels. Expert advice provided by the author helps you carry out the exercises.

Language: English

ISBN Ebook Epub: 978-3-946128-38-0
ISBN Ebook PDF: 978-3-941484-24-5
ISBN Print: 978-3-941484-22-1